Understanding Scientific Spirituality: How They Connect

In understanding scientific spirituality and how they connect, we practiced meditation without music or any scientifically produced sound for 8 days.

We again practiced meditation accompanied by some meditating music for another 8 days; the experiences were different.

However far apart spiritual sciences and physical sciences may be separated, they cannot fall far from each other.

Would it not negatively impact society if a bold line is drawn to differentiate science from spirituality?

By finding the real world connection between science and spirituality, you’ll be open to a healthy understanding that brings both worlds together and answers the questions that you long to be solved.

Science and spirituality though two sides of the coin work together in many different ways.

To help you understand scientific spirituality and how they connect, this article will analyse what is Scientific Spirituality, how the two connect and how both are of benefit to us.

What is Scientific Spirituality?

Spirituality scientific is the science of exploring the world and its nature with a conscious mind and while believing in spiritual guidance.

It revolves around discovering the deepest meaning of life and its processes.

Hidden within every conscious mind are the unmanifest intuition, curiosity and desire to discover the forces behind our existence.

Embracing spirituality with a scientific mind will help uncover the meaning behind spiritual truths, the hidden laws of nature, how life energies propel our lives and the powers that lead to the creation.

As much as science is deeply involved in uncovering the vast mysteries of this world, without spirituality it may be impossible to understand these mysteries.

Understanding Scientific Spirituality: How Science and Spirituality Connect

While science is involved in natural, religious and the supernatural, those engaged in spirituality are more concerned with the scientific findings and facts.

To unravel the crisis facing humanity, understanding scientific spirituality is inevitable. The connection between the two is based on mutual dependency.

Despite this dualism, the two are seemingly drifting apart. Our educational system is in constant betrayal of science over spirituality and vice versa.

Science and spirituality connect in many ways. They include:

1. Social Development

Scientific spirituality has been offering the equilibrium upon which the impacts of social development balance.

The industrial revolution and the growth of urbanization have led to social inequalities, pollution of the environment and disruption of the ecosystems.

Again, more people are wealthier and healthier courtesy of this industrial progress.

In an attempt to combat the above industrial negative impacts, science and spirituality have been united.

More advocates of social injustices guided by spirit and matter are in constant pursuit to maintain the world in balance.

2. Religious, spiritual and scientific inclusivity

Religion, science and spirituality even though different are interrelated.

The wholeness of life is felt when the three are allowed to connect and provide answers on the physical world, about the unforeseen forces and the mysteries of the world.

So that the world doesn’t remain mysterious science and spirituality asks and answers all the questions some with proof and others without.

As science attempts to prove only what you can see, spirituality proves what you can feel.

All the materials spiritual materials read have scientific dimensions.

3. Life Energy

Does science explain the source of energy that keeps you vibrating?

Whereas spirituality believes in meditation, trusting in Divine powers and prayers as our life energy, science teaches about the lunar and solar as one source of energy for every living thing.

Scientific discoveries can today illustrate the effects of life energy on the brain.

Equally, through understanding scientific spirituality, you can dissolve the negative energy that is taking control of your mind and disconnecting you from living your life’s purpose.

4. Technology and spiritual guidance

Science without spiritual guidance can lead to mass destruction.

Whether it’s the environment or human life, science has the power to destroy everything.

Through technological advancements like artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and nuclear weapons, the world can be brought to a standstill in a matter of minutes.

However, through spiritual guidance, great leaders have stayed away from some world threatening technologies.

Despite the few disruptions in the past, the world remains a suitable environment for life to this day.

Proven Benefits of Spirituality

Besides promoting close family relationships, spirituality complements science in areas it cannot fit.

The majority of the people today approach spirituality through meditation, yoga, prayer and personal reflections.

While the most spiritual people today, tend to be the most laid back, compassionate and graceful the world has to offer.

Among the proven benefits of spirituality include:

Peace: Despite numerous conflicts between neighbouring countries, states and people, the larger part of the world has remained peaceful for many years. The sanctity of life which is better understood through spirituality has been the preserve of every moral citizen.

By controlling the emotional and experiential aspect of spirituality, you uplift your feelings of love, hope, inner peace and connection.

Spiritual health: To maintain a vibrant healthy soul code, maintaining a spiritual inner connection with life’s purpose should be your top priority.

Research has proved that positive spiritual health can improve symptoms of heart failure, reduce stress, and improve mental and social health.

Improve self-confidence: Spiritual people are more aware of their soul path and can navigate challenges. Those who allow spirituality to be their guide and science a source of knowledge and understanding are more aware of the purpose, what they want and where they are going.

Longer life: People who are committed to religion and spirituality tend to live longer than those who are not. By living a stress-free life without depression, the brain remains young for longer. This was proven to be true by the MAYO clinic.

Through spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, the bodies energy centers are activated and aligned thus giving the body more power and life longevity.  


Understanding scientific spirituality is the mainstream to a better life and a cohesive world.

The connection between science and spirituality is centered on the search for truth, reasons and purpose.

This connection has advantages and disadvantages.

It’s therefore, important to be precautious not to fall into its pitfalls and be taken advantage of by others.

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