The 6 Plants Whose Leaves Can Cure Cancer

The 6 plants whose leaves have incredible healing properties (treat cancer/diabetes) are Neem, Changeri, Betel, Evergreen, Bael and punarnava.

These plants have been used for centuries for traditional medicine.

They are all mostly native to India, although they can be easily purchased online or in stores everywhere.

If you tend to find modern medicine too expensive for your needs, I would strongly recommend trying these time-tested remedies out for yourself. 

Although, while nature is the greatest source of medicine out there, your own intuition is even better.

It is something whose benefits have been censored from our society for a long time.

All it takes is some concentration, and very minimal effort.

Any illness can be taken care of in a matter of days. 

Neem Leaves

Every part of this tree is used to make medicine.

It eliminates inflammation of the gums.

Controls sugar in diabetic patients.

The leaves have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Along with curing diseases related to skin and hair.

Changeri Leaves

“The leaves of this plant are used in many medicines. Its leaves are acidic in nature, which eliminates inflammation. Drinking the juice of its leaves removes inflammation of the bladder and along with it provides relief from fever.”

These leaves are also used to cure skin diseases.

Any burning or pain is relieved when applied to the affected locations. 

Betel Leaves

According to a study, these leaves contain a particle which helps fight chronic myeloid leukemia.

In which, it can be used in the treatment of bone marrow cancer.

On top of that, these leaves can improve digestion, help the body absorb essential nutrients and minerals, and contribute to weight loss when consumed. 

Evergreen Leaves

Evergreen leaves contain small, pink and white flowers.

Of which are used in traditional medicine.

They even contain a few elements of which have different health benefits:

  • Vindoline – controls blood sugar level
  • Vinblastine – Anti cancer
  • Vincristine – Anti cancer

Those last two elements, according to new research, are particularly helpful in identifying and destroying cancer cells. 

Bael Leaves

This fruit has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties which are effective against various diseases.

Consuming it improves digestion and cleanses the stomach, which can eliminate worms.

It even contains the element Faronina, which is effective in the treatment of diarrhea.

Apart from that, the entire fruit contains nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, protein, fiber, iron, vitamin B and vitamin C. 

Last but not least:

Punarnava Leaves 

“Experts in traditional medicine claim that consuming the herb along with careful diet and exercise can slow the progression of disease and relieve symptoms.

Scientific studies claim that formulations based on traditional medicinal plants such as punarnava can be effective in preventing and relieving kidney disease.”

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