Science vs Spirituality in Nursing: Which is Better?

Science vs spirituality: where is the connection and which is better in nursing?

If not for science, evolution would remain a mystery forever.

Equally, without spirituality living abundant life would be next to an impossibility.

Shifting to health, science vs spirituality in nursing though contradictory has enhanced scientific treatment and spiritual healing in equal measures.

Isn’t it premature to rule out science health is better than spirituality in nursing, and yet new scientific health discoveries are published every day?

And if one emerges to be extra superior to the other, won’t the other lose its meaning to the followers?

Ulcers has for many years been known to be a lifestyle and dietary disease that require the aspects of spirituality to heal.

As much as there are mental health issues that cause ulcers, science has proven anti-bacterial drugs are effective at curing ulcers. 

The debate between science health versus spirituality as to which is better will never end.

Science keeps exploring spiritual beliefs, quantifying their effects and proving facts.

In equal measures, spirituality being extremely scientific in nature is constantly examining the world, nature and connections.

To dissect and evaluate science vs spirituality which is better, this article will analyze the role of science in health and the relationship between spirituality and health.

All the myths and facts between scientific thinking and spiritual thinking will also be revealed not forgetting the commonalities between science health and spiritual health.

What is the Role of Science in Health?

The modern state of human health is by far better compared to 100 years ago courtesy of scientific discoveries.

As we speak today, new body scanning machines and vaccines are being dispatched to different hospitals across the world. 

Science is accepted and appreciated worldwide due to the wide application of scientific knowledge to improve human health, improve living standards and satisfy basic human needs.

With the unfortunate increase in killer diseases like Ebola, Cancer and Coronavirus, science and its discoveries have stood against them and saved many lives.

It’s through science that polio was eradicated and also people living with AIDs can now live healthy lives.

In summary, the key roles of science and technology in healthcare are to improve life longevity, tackle emerging health challenges, and answer the critical questions in health when needed.

How is spirituality related to health?

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Compassionate care as cited in trusted resources entails walking with patients in their sufferings to help them find meaning and acceptance amid pain, suffering and sickness.

With the knowledge of the patients, nurses are increasingly incorporating spirituality during their compassionate care to give them hope, relieve fears and cope with chronic illnesses.

Studies have also proven cognitive therapy to be more effective to patients whose spirituality is important and takes into account religious beliefs.

A study on the role of spirituality on health has shown spirituality can prolong life.

In their conclusion, they found regular spiritual practices tend to prolong life.

More than before, the clergy have become more common in hospitals and health centers.

They pray with patients who believe in the power of Divine connection and baptize those who’ve discovered their inner journey in spirituality.

Science vs Spirituality in Nursing Compared

Science and spirituality in nursing are two sides of the same coin.

Doctors, clinicians and nurses use science and technology to heal or improve patients’ health.

On the same note, some of the professionals who subscribe to religious and spiritual beliefs combine treatment with spirituality to promote healing.

To administer cognitive behavourial therapy both science and spirituality are incorporated.

For its effect to be felt, both the patient and person administering must have faith: Faith that there is something more powerful behind their experiences and that influences suffering.

If you are to look at science and spirituality in nursing from a doctor, clinician or nurse’s perspective, would you incline more towards science or spirituality?

And suppose you’re a patient?

Importance of Spirituality

When ailing, patients often require guidance to understand the components of spirituality:

Both the clinician and the patient need to come to an understanding.

By discussing their spiritual status, a deep spiritual connection is felt between the two.

Doctors and nurses are healers who by caring, promote patients wholeness of the body, spirit and mind.

Spirituality being an experience has no boundary and communicates with the soul.

It’s for this reason seriously ill patients with strong religious believes cope easily with their illness.

Science is the foundation upon which scientific knowledge on health is built and is at the core of health improvements globally.

Health care professionals learn through science and diseases are diagnosed and medically treated using science.

It’s also through science that the impact of spiritual practices in healthcare is measured.

Impact of Science

Science has enabled the following health achievements:

1. 3-D printing: In an article published in The Lancet, the doctor admits surgery to patients who needed organ transplant was greatly limited in the mid-20th.  But since the introduction of 3-D Printing, doctors can find the perfect match for the 3D printed organ.

2. Wearable Health Trackers: Science and its technological advancements have made it possible for people to constantly monitor their heart rate with a fitness tracker wearable. An implantable cardiac monitor is another emerging scientific discovery that’s saving thousands of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

3. Health information and data: How fast a patient saved health records can be retrieved from the archives and the information used to save his life is amazing. Again, information and data can be shared between hospitals and healthcare professionals and the necessary action taken to combat the disease. 

Worldometer has been a perfect source of information and data to the authorities concerned with the spread of Coronavirus.

Connection Between Science and Spirituality 

Both science and spirituality are determined to seek the truth, improve health, promote healing, solve the mysteries of the world and answer the unanswered questions.

Is it wrong to say both are evolving every day and they are helping solve emerging challenges?

Francisco Ayala a biologist at the University of California, Irvine admits that the evolution which touches both science and spirituality need not be in contradiction.

Both are exploring the same thing –evolution- but through different windows.

On the same strain, science and spirituality believe there is something more superior above them; a divine power that feeds the soul with energy.

Conclusion: Science vs Spirituality in Nursing

When debating science vs spirituality in nursing, how both connect to improve the patient’s health and make him accept the wholeness of the body should be the guiding factor.

Whether a patient should chose a holistic, or conventional approach to treatment is also up for debate. 

Along with which is truly more effective.

At the end of the day, both science and spiritually should be put into effect together.

As at some point, they will be conjoined. Leading to more breakthroughs in health than imaginable.

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