Intuition Strengthening Exercises: Sharpening Your Intuition

Subscribing to intuitive practice games won’t sharpen your intuition more or faster than those who engage in daily intuition strengthen exercises.

Practicing mindfulness, asking yourself questions and keeping an intuitive journal are recommendable intuition strengthening exercises to practice.

If you acknowledge intuition is alive in you, awakening and strengthening it will help sharpen your intuition.

Practically, if you continually train to follow your intuition, making decisions will be faster.

Again the chances of discovering your true soul path are more real.

By strengthening your intuition, you’ll shift from tuning and listed to intuition to doing what the intuition tells you.

And since intuition lies in the quickest and instinctual part of our subconscious brain, strengthening exercises are crucial in promoting consistent confidence when connecting with intuition.

Why You Need Intuition Strengthening Exercises

intuition strengthening exercises

Just like the body muscles, our brain muscles need strengthening exercises.

There are many reasons why you need intuition strengthening exercises.

They include:

Making decisions faster without logical reasoning

If you maintain an intuition journal, you’ll have a better knowledge of where you are coming from and what the future may hold.

Practicing this strengthening exercise will help make decisions faster without provoking your analytical and conscious mind.

It’s now common knowledge intuitive processing is an innate process that can be developed and enhanced.

It’s, therefore, possible to enhance your decision making by exercising regularly.

Helps in promoting trust in our intuition

You need intuition strengthening exercises to help build trust in your inner voice.

Many are times when we ignore what the cognitive mind urges us to do. All this is because we don’t trust our intuition. 

If you practice regularly you’ll awaken and develop your intuition and then promote your trustworthy towards intuition.

With an aimed strengthening exercise, it will be easier to trust your gut feeling and intuitive sensing.

Promotes emotional response 

A cleared and aligned Solar Plexus Chakra heightens one’s emotional response.

intuition strengthening exercises

When one is emotionally attentive, connecting with the Subconscious Divine Mind of God Being and receiving intuitive messages is faster.

Promotes our attention to feelings 

How often do you pay attention to your gut feelings?

When sick, do you pay close attention to the intuitive feelings communicating with your body?

Setting some time to prioritize your intuitive feelings is enough strengthening exercise to promote your attention to feelings. 

Best 5 Intuition Strengthening Exercises To Practice Everyday   

It’s now clear why you should do intuition strengthening exercises.

Developing a strong Intuition is very important because it’s widely applicable in our lives. 

As the general manager uses his intuition to make faster and critical decisions, an army officer on the battlefield will use his intuition to feel an approaching enemy.

With so many topics to write on, what made you choose –intuition strengthening exercises?

Whether you choose intuition practice games or your intuition pulls you to intuition games online, keep practicing.

And since we respond differently to different exercises, it’s prudent to experiment with all the below intuition strengthening exercises.

Intuition strengthening exercise #1- practice mindfulness 

Mindfulness allows you to feel the thoughts going through your brain without getting attached to them.

When practicing mindfulness, only the subconscious part of the brain is used. 

Instead of logically analyzing your feelings, just relax, accept the thoughts and watch them. 

This allows the cognitive brain to open space for the subconscious brain to feel the intuitive signals sending messages to the body.

Engaging in body scan meditation can sometimes be more effective especially when your body energies are blocked by traumatic events or disappointments.

Look for a quiet place and while seated comfortably with the hand palms supported by your crossed legs, notice the body sensations and give time to intuitive feelings.

Intuition strengthening exercise #2 – Ask yourself questions

We are often haunted by discomfort that’s hard to explain.

After ailing for a while, I had to take time to ask myself what the cause may be.

The immediate response was the house I lived in.

After shifting to a new house, the breathing challenges disappeared. 

If you want to know what’s been causing the discomfort in you, take time to ask yourself questions.

Take note of the first thing that comes into your mind.

Trust is the base upon which you are likely to act on the thing that comes into your mind.

Let the questions be as clear and straightforward as possible. This will make it easy to take action to your answers. 

Intuition strengthening exercise #3 – Keep a clean reflective journal

Our cognitive brain bases its memory on the frontal lobe.

By noting down any hunches or “gut feelings” in a journal, you’ll be encoding an emotional history in the frontal lobe. 

Since intuition is directly linked to transcendental experiences, the encoded history will strengthen your intuition.

This is partly because the brain can draw images and provide answers when the inner voice communicates to the body.

Intuition strengthening exercise #4 – Put your dreams into pen and paper

Whether it’s a daydream or a nightdream, write it down.

It’s advisable to always have a pen and paper before going to sleep or lay down to rest during the day.

Immediately you wake up, either draw the images that are reflected in the dream or write down the dream.

Reading and reflecting on the images will provide wealthy information about what your subconscious mind is processing.

Intuition strengthening exercise #5 – Take a trip to an unplanned destination

The loud noise in your surrounding is a potential threat to your intuitive development, awakening and strengthening. 

Taking a walk or travelling to an unplanned destination and spending some quality time alone, will make it simple for you to be sensitive and attentive to any intuitive feeling that has been haunting you. 

Stop listening to the loud noises around and quiet your mind. 

Tips to Strengthen Your Intuition 

Understanding intuition is easier said than it actually is. To strengthen your intuition more, here are simple and easy tips you can follow to strengthen your intuition.

1. Learn to know when the intuitive voice speaks

For intuition to be of help, you must be able to recognize your inner voices when they speak.

Since the intuition voices can’t be louder than the surrounding noises, you need to recognize any physical sensations, feelings of uneasiness, visual messages or quick images that flash abruptly.

Be attentive to any intuitive messages and belief in them.

2. Set a private time for listening to your intuition

Unless you take some humble time in a private area to listen to your intuition, trusting and taking action may remain to be a block to strengthening your intuition.

You can either walk or sit in a quiet and calm place that will provide an enabling environment to listen, recognize and strengthen intuition.

3. Believe and trust yourself

It can sometimes be hard to trust in your intuition.

This is occasioned by a lack of trust in yourself.

Believing amplifies and intensifies the energy codes responsible for diminishing the fear within you.


There are many types of intuition strengthening exercises; intuition thinking exercises, intuitive practice games and intuition games online.

Whichever path your intuition shows belief, trust and then take action to strengthen that intuition.

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