How To Become a Great Lightworker: 5 Steps

Whereas there’s no law guiding on how to become a great lightworker, there are sensible steps you can follow and emerge the greatest light-worker of all time. To become a successful lightworker, the first step should be to allow yourself to heal from past wounds.

The world has been engulfed by a state of unclear darkness more than ever; empathic people with elevated intuitiveness should arise and help to heal the world.

The world needs messengers, Transmuters, psychics/seers, guides/healers and dreamers to rescue, motivate, heal and dissolve negative energies among the living.

For you to know your soul purpose and internalize the message in this article, it’s important to proceed from a point of knowledge.

Becoming a lightworker is easier said than done.

But if you can understand what a lightworkers symptoms and gifts are, and then aggressively pursue your calling with determination, you could help restore the world’s natural balance and make it as beautiful as it once was.

To help you become the type of lightworker you admire, this article will teach you the following:

Step 1: Heal your past wounds and let go of your ego and attachments

Step 2: Master your emotions

Step 3: Know your lightworker gifts, own and develop them

Step 4: Develop your light-worker code

Step 5: Embrace a beginner mentality  

Let’s get started:

What Lightworkers Do

Before answering this question, it’s more pragmatic if you first ask, “what kind of lightworker am I?”

Lightworkers are called into the world to accomplish different missions and lightworkers gifts vary from one individual to another.

One may be gifted to motivate, awaken and enlighten people spiritually, while another lightworker’s mission is to heal the world because they’re so intuitive and highly perceptive to feelings.

Gatekeepers and Grid workers are special types of lightworkers commonly found amongst negotiators, diplomats and government employees.

They are empowered to connect awakened hearts and unite broken links. Their mission is to impact kindness, peace, fairness and boost positive energy.

Another group of lightworkers called messengers to have the gift of motivating, mediating or life coaching. They communicate messages of hope to the world and restore the lost vibration.

Some writers are lightworkers. Through their writing, they spread messages of hope, love, humanity and unity.

How To Becoming a Lightworker: Step-by-Step

To become a great lightworker, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Heal your past wounds and let go of your ego and attachments

Step 2: Master your emotions

Step 3: Know your lightworker gifts, own and develop them

Step 4: Develop your light-worker code

Step 5: Embrace a beginner mentality  

As you begin the journey to becoming a light-worker and living your life’s purpose, there are three blocks you should first overcome: negative energy, life challenges and seperation from soul purpose.

As you become more aware of your unique soul path and your sacred soul contract clearer drafted in the mind, negative energies harbored in the heart and mind remains the greatest challenge. Due to your introverted character and past challenging experiences, negative energies are elevated to the highest levels.

How do you dissolve the negative energies and become a true lightworker?

Step 1: Heal your past wounds and let go of your ego and attachments

As mentioned a few seconds ago, self-healing permits your soul to start receiving positive energy. Since your past wounds may be blocking you from revealing your soul path, start by healing.

As you heal, be open to yourself and relaxed; then release those old attachments and let go of your ego. To heal, you need to combine cognitive behavioural therapy with guided meditation, spiritual literature and journaling.

Step 2: Master your emotions

Emotions can be deconstructed and reconstructed to harmonize actions and intentions with emotions. Start by identifying your feeling, then acknowledge and appreciate them.

Now that you understand your feelings, deconstruct them into physical sensations. Take your time to feel where the emotion is living. Physical sensations are easy to tackle. Learn to reconstruct emotions into easy to regulate physical sensations.

Screenshot courtesy of Tony Robbins

Step 3: Know your lightworker gifts, hone and develop them

Every healer has a special gift. Commit to a thorough soul search. Unless you’re crystal clear on your specific unique gifts, becoming a successful lightworker will be a challenge.

Take as many days as you can; but know your talents, assets and passion. Until today, you’ve won many battles and lost in equal measures. Take note of the wins. The wins reflect your strengths and your inner abilities.

Identify areas that make your life abundant, are easy to share with the world, you enjoy most when doing and brings joy, value and healing to the living.

After identifying your gift; embrace nature and hone that gift. Invest strategically in the gift to develop it.

Step 4: Develop your lightworker code

Don’t divert to pursue what your peers, family members or society wants. It’s by committing to your core calling that you’ll find happiness and fulfilment.

If you create a personalized lightworker code, it will always guide and illuminate your path to a fulfilling destiny.

Step 5: Embrace a beginner mentality  The moment you felt you’ve a unique gift, researching, asking questions and inward attention became part of your life. Keep practising mindfulness meditations, reading and training to stay connected to your Divine Source energy.

How To Take Self-Care As a Lightworker

Inner light fades way easily and creeping negative energies slows the high frequencies that make you a great lightworker.

To stop this you’ve got to learn how to take self-care as a lightworker.

Things you should do include:

  • Always do an energy audit

Evaluate the activities that drain your energy and avoid them.

Equally, know the activities that re-energize you or light you up.

In simple terms, do what lights you up and motivates and give a blind eye to what activities lower your frequency.

  • Learn to say yes

When you are tired, exhausted or drained, accept the feeling and take control. Don’t allow emotions to direct you but reconstruct them to your advantage.

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself; am I really tired, or is my energy drained? Learning to say yes when it’s prudentially right makes you stand in the way of light.

  • Keep transmuting

Why should you allow the same negative pattern to keep recurring? As a wise lightworker whose unique gift is to lighten the world, keep transmuting to avoid darkness.

Conclusion: Do you have to become a lightworker?

If your inner voice is compelling enough and soul energy can propel you to become a lightworker, why are you dilly-dallying?  

Since you know how to become a great lightworker, take the first bold step and do what you were called to do. By becoming a lightworker, you open a jar to a new world of fulfilled life and happiness.

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