How Spirituality and Science Support Each Other

If the words of Albert Einstein- “Science without religion was lame, and religion without science was blind” -were to be construed as true, then science and spirituality can be said to co-exist.

As science helps grow wealth and causes financial differences, spirituality equalizes human beings by promoting   

Most of the time we confuse religion with spirituality. They are totally two different things.

Whereas religion is anchored on scripture teachings, laws and rules, spirituality manifests in our souls. We experience spirituality and it helps us to grow from the inside out.

Science and spirituality go hand in hand and whenever one tries to exist is absolutely devoid of the other, it loses its meaning. While spirituality qualifies truth, feelings, beliefs and senses, science deals with facts, logic and proofs.

Isn’t it obvious that what science cannot detect does not exist? And if so does fear, anxiety, stress and depression have a place in the scientific world?

Its spirituality that fills the gaps left by science. For you to understand how spirituality and science support each other, we’ll analyze, what’s spirituality, and what’s science? Examine their relationship, the aspects of spirituality and how the two can help improve your health.

What is Spirituality and What is Science?

Spirituality involves believing in something greater than oneself, trusting in feelings and recognition of body senses.

Acknowledging in something more divine in nature and greater than human beings than accepting sensory experiences makes spirituality an information resource centre.

Spirituality nurtures the soul and nourishes the body with positive energy. Since it grows inside out, spirituality is never taught.

Spirituality can also be defined as an inner journey towards self-empowerment, self-love, self-healing and improvement of pure consciousness.

When exploring the universal themes of life: love, truth, life after death, compassion and altruism, we turn to spirituality for guidance.

Whereas, science is the intellectual, practical, systematic and methodological study of the structure and behaviour of nature and the social world.

Science involves observing, watching, listening and recording. In a nutshell, science is the rational pursuit of factual knowledge with proof or evidence.

Examining the Relationship between Science and Spirituality

The relationship between science and spirituality especially in the alternative medicine world has not only helped the healing of chronic diseases by also reduced the cost of medication.

How true is the statement “spirituality without science is incomplete and vulnerable?”

Even though science has spiritual elements in it, they are two different things. Their coexistence is what makes life abundant. Whether you are a teacher, an astronaut, spiritual healer or a biologist, how you blend science and spirituality determines your success.

Science and spirituality are related in many different ways.

  • Meditation as alternative medicine

Meditation which was at first a purely spiritual activity is now used by doctors and counsellors in many international hospital facilities to help promote healing.

Diseases like stress, depression and chronic pain are today better treated by combining spiritual therapy and modern medicine.

Researchers in Cancer Research UK, which is a scientist’s centre recommends patients practice meditation to relieve anxiety, stress, improve sleep and subdue sickness feeling. 

These experts have included doctors and nurses in the list of candidates qualified to guide meditation. This clearly illustrates that science is connected to spirituality.

Scholars, psychologists and doctors are beginning to link chakras with the maps of the central nervous system. The same spiritual understanding was used to develop the BioEnergy Code.

  • Technology connects with spirituality

The world is at a fast phase with technology and countries are competing in terms of technological advancements.

Machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence and nuclear weapons have placed countries at par with each other. Science is being used to threaten the peace of the world.

To mediate psychologically warring nations, spiritual mediators and diplomats have acknowledged their gifts, taken up the roles and promoted peace amongst the war-ready countries.

Many countries have nuclear weapons but the policy behind developing them is self-defence.

  • Spirituality neutralizes social science

The industrialization has widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Through science, companies and individuals have harnessed immense wealth a fact which promoted individualism.

As science continues to break the social fabric that holds societies, families and individuals together, spirituality is busy promoting brotherhood, equality and social cohesion.

Overlapping of the two disciplines has played a key role in advancing growth and standards of living while maintaining love and unity among people.

  • Spirituality answers scientific questions

The mysteries of the world are so many that sciences cannot answer them all. And the more scientific discoveries try to answer these mysteries and belief systems, the more new questions emerge.

Spirituality always creeps in to answer unanswered questions. On the other hand, mysteries that were answered by spirituality like the origin of mankind are now answered by science and backed by scientific proof.

What are the Aspects of Spirituality?

The five renowned aspects of spirituality are transcendence, value, knowledge, connection with oneself, environment, others and supreme power and growth.

Science and spirituality are also connected in the above aspects of spirituality.

According to an authoritative resource, spiritual health embraces the aspect of connection that entails connection with oneself, connection with Supreme Being, connection with others and connection with nature.

After analyzing all the aspects, it’s factual they are embroiled in the aspect of connection. These connections are also known as the indicators of spirituality.

One’s connection with God /Supreme power is among the greatest aspect of spirituality. Scientists or religious people who seek the blessings and guidance of God mostly comes first.

Before the launch of Chandrayaan 2, the Isro (Indian Space Research Organization) chairman, K Sivan went to Tirumala temple to pray for blessings and success from Lord Balaji’s.

What is The Role of Science and Spirituality in Health?

How science and spirituality complement each other in matters of health is worth applause. Many researchers have now included spiritual health in the aspects of health.

Studies in spiritual health though not conclusive have shown spirituality if incorporated with health can improve mental health and help relieve pain. More research has also shown spiritual health has immense positive health outcomes.

As of today, there is plenty of information to prove asymptomatic heart failure is connected to mental health and patients with spinal injury can prevent depression and anxiety by practising spiritual health.

It’s through science that doctors can measure the effects of mindfulness meditation on the brain. Doctors and clinicians today are more engaged in the patient’s inner strengths.

Using scientific intellectuality, they combine science health and spiritual health to promote healing.

Conclusion: Science and spirituality support each other

Science and Spirituality are complementary to each other. They connect on many levels, most of which we don’t quite yet understand.

Whether you’re a doctor, scientist or monk, it is important for you to understand how the two worlds connect. Their impact on your life, and how you can improve the lives of others with that knowledge.

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