How Curing with Intuition Works: Improve Your Health

how curing with intuition works

If you’re wondering how curing with intuition works, why do you often say “I knew it”, “I feel it” or “an inner voice stopped me”?

When faced with a health issue requiring medication, it’s possible to awaken your intuition and promote your wellbeing.

Intuition healing becomes possible only when your intuition is talking to you.

Many are times when you’ve combined intuition with medication, but you rarely know. 

Suppose you learn how to listen to your intuition, how to strengthen intuition and then incorporate it with medication?

No matter the kind of disease you are suffering from, you’ll heal faster, understand your pain points and restore your body and brain health.

Intuition healing can happen to anyone.

Equally, anyone can become an intuition healer.

how curing with intuition works

Curing With Intuition Definition

Curing with intuition is an alternative healing method, in which the intuitive healer through connecting to a Higher Being, Goddess or God works on the body’s natural energetic fields to promote one’s health. 

Despite the controversies surrounding “intuition”, every human being has intuition.

It’s through this realization that doctors and nurses do combine intuition with medication in their daily activities.

On the same strength, intuitive healers have enhanced intuition curing skills by sharpening their intuitive seeing, intuitive feeling and intuitive hearing.

Since intuition resides in your body’s energetic system, awakening your intuition and then believing it will improve the intuitive healing abilities in you.

How Curing with Intuition Works

how curing with intuition works

After Anne had been working tirelessly for 14 hours every day to meet project deadlines, she used to feel very tired by the end of the day.

She often dismissed this feeling as it was normal.

But as she was going to pick her daughter at an airport, her intuition urged her to visit a hospital. 

Surprisingly, she went to the emergency room where tests showed she had a malignant tumor.

It was by listening to her subconscious mind that she realized the tiredness was abnormal. 

“Anne allowed her unconscious mind to communicate with the conscious mind”. 

What emotions do you send to your body when sick?

The mind is always in constant communication with the body.

By learning to listen to your intuition whenever you’ve health issues or the changing conditions in your body, monitoring the body’s health challenges and tackling them becomes simple. 

For intuition healing to happen, an intuitive healer has to help the sick shift from his emotional body to the body’s mental and spiritual energy.

These healers employ different tools like meditation, mantras, affirmations, intuition exercises and journaling prompts.

Let’s now look at how curing with intuition works step by step:

Step 1:  Awakening your intuition

We all face health challenges more often than we imagine.

After you’ve had a mild headache for hours almost every day or irregular heart-thumping, what did you do? 

In such a scenario, you need to awaken your intuition and start listening to your subconscious mind.

To what degree do you trust your gut feelings?

Remember, believing and trusting intuition dissolves the negative energy that’s making it difficult to access the intuition in you.

Step 2: Find the best intuitive healer

If after awakening your intuition and inner voice keep telling you “I’m not feeling well”, use the same intuition to find the most appropriate intuitive healer. 

Step 3: The intuitive healer connects with Divine Source or Power

Through techniques like meditation, the intuitive healer will connect to his/her Divine God/god.

It’s during his deep meditative state when the slowed brainwaves connect with the Divine Mind of God.

After connection with their Devine, the practitioner uses gifts such as deep knowing, visuals, feeling or audial to receive spiritual guidance and insights to help the sick in the restoration process.

Step 4: The practitioner connects with the sick

The intuitive healer has to connect with the sick emotionally and spiritually through God to help him through the healing and health restoration process.

This happens when the healer is in deep connection with his Divine Power.

Step 5: The healer reads and receives the patient’s health issues

During connection, the intuitive healer intuitively reads and receives the patients emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and current health issues affecting the sick. 

Since intuitive healers have a vast understanding of the body’s natural energetic fields, they help their patients work through their natural energetic fields to release diseases, anxiety, panic or pain-causing health challenges.

How to Awaken Your Intuition to Improve Health and Wellbeing

how curing with intuition works

It’s a fact intuition is potent in you and needs to be awakened to improve your health and wellbeing.

This is how to awaken your intuition:

Start practicing meditation exercises

An inner voice is always calling on you but the noise around is too loud.

It’s only when you listen attentively that you’ll hear the voice.

While meditating, you’ll have a silent moment to listen to that inner voice. 

Listen to your intuitive brain 

Your brain has two operating systems: the slow and deliberate brain and the analytical brain that makes a quick decision after drawing patterns from your past experiences and present environment (intuitive brain).

Listening to the intuitive brain has proven to offer more accurate answers. 

Believe that inner voice

Without belief, curing with intuition is impossible.

Through believing, you’ll amplify and intensify your body’s natural energetic system and thus suppress the negative patterns creating a bumpy path to your vibrant soul health.

Belief is the only ingredient that creates your feelings.

The feelings determine the actions we take.

Feel more

If you find a quiet place and start meditating, pay attention to your feelings more.

Try to stop thinking and pay close attention to your gut feelings.

This will help you create real and natural feelings about your body.

Steps to knowing that Intuition Lives in You 

Your intuition is talking to you but you don’t want to listen. 

Below are facts that will prove intuition lives in you:

Uneasy feeling towards a certain situation

You’ve often heard people testify they wanted to travel but their gut feelings forced them to postpone the journey.

Then a terrible accident occurs on the same route the person was to use. 

You may have felt uneasiness towards a certain situation and abandoned it with any logical reason.

This shows intuition lives in you and if strengthened, promoting your health is possible.

Feeling inspired

After listening to a song, watching a YouTube video or reading a novel, you may feel inspired to work more towards your goal.

If you usually get motivated to do good things by the works of other people, start awakening your intuition.

A specific feeling has been dominating your brain

Why has that feeling been recurring too often?

Intuition is a life in you and the inner voice is speaking.

Train to listen to your intuition and learn to believe in your guts.


How curing with intuition works differs from one individual to another.

Just the same ways people respond differently to medication.

Learning to listen to your intuition will help uncover your health challenges.

But of great importance is to learn when and how to awaken your intuition and belief that inner voice speaking to you.

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