Awakening the Sixth Sense: Becoming an Intuitive Healer

For you to become a prominent intuitive healer, your intuitive healing sixth sense has too strong, alive and always awake.

If you want to become an intuitive healer, you’ll need to awaken your sixth sense with chakras and master the intuitive healing steps.

Are you an introvert, very sensitive, extremely intuitive and feels more comfortable when interacting with nature?

If your answers are “yes”, your chances of awakening intuitive curing sixth sense and becoming an intuitive healer are higher.

More the before, patients especially those undergoing cancer treatment and emotional outbursts have turned to intuition healing.

Comparatively, the search for “intuitive healer” hit 100% amongst the Californians and 51% amongst the Florida residents in the USA.

With the internet today filled with intuition healer courses and certification programs, becoming an intuitive healer is no longer a challenge if you can open your third eye.

What Intuitive Curing Means

intuitive healing

Intuitive curing is majorly practiced by intuitive healthcare professionals, intuitive counsellors and psychiatrists as an alternative medical curing method.

These intuitive practitioners use their self-trained intuition abilities to activate their patient’s subtle body energy centers and dissolve the negative energy.

Intuitive curing is simply unblocking the body’s energetic blocks and stimulating the body to heal itself.

Intuitive healing is two-way traffic; as you connect with your Super High Power, the patient or client should also be connected. 

Before you begin the journey to awakening the intuitive curing sixth sense and developing intuitive healing powers, revealing the challenges blocking you on your soul’s journey should come first. 

How do you reveal these unknown challenges?

intuitive healing

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Energetic healers spent approximately 90 minutes per session with a client and during the process, tools like essential oils, singing bowls, crystals and palo santo are used.

How to Awaken the Intuitive Healing Power within Yourself

Intuitive healing power is scientifically based and requires the opening of the third eye or the sixth sense.

The third eye chakra which represents the body’s sixth chakra is believed to be located at the centre of the head and parallel to the eyebrows.

The third eye chakra has the essential elements you require to awaken the intuitive healing power with yourself: intuition, imagination, universal connection, clarity, spiritual perception and concentration. 

Unless this third eye chakra is open, your intuitive curing power will be challenged by states of confusion, lack of purpose, uncertainty and pessimism.

Before opening awakening the energetic healing powers, have you worked on the seven chakras?

They are essential. 

To have the capacity to connect with the deep subconscious mind and handle the insights from the Divine God/goddess, you need to first realign your energy centers.

Using the BioEnergy Code, realigning your body’s energy centers will be simple and fast.  

This is how to awaken intuitive curing sixth sense:

Step 1: Start paying attention to your dreams

Interpreting dreams can be difficult, but, first, try to remember your dreams when you wake up.

Don’t ignore them. Intently listen to the dream messages, write them down and ask your intuition to help open your curing sixth sense.

Try to connect the message in your dream with your feeling or the current situations in your life.

Step 2: Cultivate your perceptions

intuitive healing

Train to pay attention to small things, small details and your surroundings.

The more you train to pay close attention to small details, the more you get tuned to any subtle changes around you.

Ultimately, your intuition will help you ‘start noticing subtle changes before they happen.

Step 3: Start focusing meditation to your intuitive curing sixth sense 

Whether it’s mindfulness, body scan or transcendental meditation, meditate more and if possible incorporate chanting mantras to cultivate feelings of gratitude. 

Meditation is said to activate the pineal gland (a pea-sized gland located in the vertebrate brain near the pituitary gland and hypothalamus).

According to a 2019 study, this gland produces a chemical known as N-dimethyltriptamine a.k.a, “seat of the soul”.

It’s believed to be the base behind spiritual experiences.

During meditation, it’s good to use crystals such as purple sapphire, amethyst, sodalite, purple violet tourmaline and rhodonite.

Ancient intuitive practitioners believe crystals have healing energy’s and are influential in awakening intuitive curing sixth sense.

Step 4: Be consistent in your yoga practice

intuitive healing

Since pineal glands are helpful for spiritual connection, choose and practice kriyas that are aimed at stimulating them.

Practicing Kundalini yoga, child pose or Vinyasa are also recommendable if you are looking to open your third eye faster. 

Step 5: Add supplements to your diet

To detoxify your pineal gland and balance your third eye, purple foods such as purple sweet potatoes, blackberries and purple kale are essential. 

Organic diet supplements like lemon, ginger, ginseng, raw cacao, watermelon, honey, hemp seeds and spirulina will help detoxify the pineal gland. 

Don’t forget to apply essential oils to your skin as they facilitate spiritual awareness and help to awaken the sixth sense.

4 Simple Intuitive Healing Steps to Follow 

After you’ve successfully awakened your intuitive healing sixth sense, you’ll need to devise intuitive healing steps that work with your intended clients.

Intuitive healing being an alternative healing method that aims at restoring a patient’s energetic system, you’ll need a vast understanding of how the body’s natural energetic system works.

Before you start the intuitive healing process, always remember, clients, are faced with different traumatic events, setbacks, painful experiences and life challenges.

Therefore, every client will require a different approach.

Generally, try these steps during intuitive healing sessions:

Step 1: Seek spiritual guidance

After welcoming the client and you’re done with all the preparations including setting tables, chairs, crystals, essential oils and any other tools needed, give yourself time to seek spiritual guidance.

Intuitive healers rely on special gifts from their Supreme God/goddess to read and access the client’s broken energetic system.

To receive intuitive curing gifts such as visuals, deep feelings or audios, you need deep connection and spiritual guidance.

Step 2: Prepare your client

You may ask the client to lay flat on a table, sit on a meditation chair or sit comfortably on the floor.

Using intuitive healing tools like essential oils, sound healing, journaling prompts, singing bowls, meditation or crystals guide the client to a deep state of rest and relaxation. 

Step 3: spiritually connect with your client

Having connected with your Divine Source, it’s now time to have a mutual deep connection with the client.

With your special gifts, find access and read what’s ailing the client.

Let your guidance freely flow from your Divine Source through spiritual guidance.

Step 4: Release received information to the client

Trust in your intuition and listen to the subconscious voices.

Before engaging in logical or conscious reasoning, release the information received to the client.

It’s this information that your client will use to dissolve negative energy’s causing them stress, anxiety, diseases and, also blocking them from living a balanced, joyous and life full of abundance and fulfilment.

Ways to Sharpen Your Intuitive Sixth Sense 

How many times have you mentioned the name of the person calling on your phone before looking at it?

Probably not too many, but that’s besides the point.

Sharpening your sixth sense can benefit you in many ways, including making big decisions such as a career change, or sensing health problems in time to avoid them.

Here are the best ways to sharpen your sixth sense:

Take time out

Unless you take time out and walk or travel to a quiet place, the loud noises will always be above the inner voice.

While in silent moments, listen to the inner voices and pay attention to any images, visuals, feelings or hunches showing in your subconscious mind.

Listen to your feelings

The fear you often feel when walking during the night is real.

Listen to any feelings attentively and if directed in another direction, don’t resist.

In most cases, feelings will try to stop you, direct you, warn you or encourage you.

The more you train to listen to your feelings and act on them, the more you sharpen your sixth sense and open the third eye.

Visualize your intentions

By visualizing your intentions, you convey messages into the subconscious mind and create a path between your subconscious mind and the conscious intent. 

Keep telling your subconscious mind what you intend to do and you’ll open the third eye that will help develop a clear path.

Take note of your body’s subtle energy

When the body’s energetic system is aligned, your intuitive feelings are high and the sixth sense is more attentive.

Keep practicing yoga and meditation to maintain the inner fire burning.


Awakening your intuitive curing sixth sense and sharpening your sixth sense should be weighed equally.

If you don’t keep sharpening the sixth sense, your intuitive healing powers will gradually decrease and your spiritual connection will become a thing of the past.

To awaken that magic that’s always been inside of you, a balance in your mind, body and spirit has to be reached.

Thankfully it’s easily achievable following the guidelines above.

How far along are you on your journey?

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