Alternative to Medicine

In the long battle over health, the modern pharmaceutical industry clashes with age-old alternative medicine. 

The big pharmaceutical industry has been taking over health care in countries who are rich in cultural tradition. 

Who’s medicinal methods have been working for generations to keep the common people in great health. 

According to Dr. Ornish modern medicine and prescription drugs do not work for chronic illness anymore. 

The patients of doctors are getting fed up due to their ineffective drugs and lack of treatment. Since they have no cure to problems such as recurring infection and back pain. 

For this reason, alternative medicine is taking its recent rise in popularity for the common man. 

Especially life-saving for those in small villages, who don’t have access to expensive medicines. An extremely affordable, and effective solution to their health problems.

What is alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine takes a different approach than Big Pharma. This approach involves curing illness at its roots.

The simple things like avoiding meat, fish, eggs, fatty dairy products, and alcohol just to name a few. Instead, eating beans, fruits, veggies, and grains can help prevent illness. 

According to Dr. Mathai, “The key to health is hidden in the mind. To relieve stress, adopt yoga and meditation. This is the mantra to live forever.”

These are complementary treatments that cannot be measured by laboratory testing, and so the institutions do not have the means to determine their effectiveness. 

According to Dr. Ornish, “love and belonging are the foundation, the lack of which can make us sick and whose shade can keep us healthy. Love has the power to drive away disease. No medicine, diet or exercise is more effective than that.”

Effective Treatments

These treatments are completely natural, and 1,000 times more effective than any prescription pharmaceutical out there. 

Prescribed by doctors who have been ridiculed by the institution for stepping out of line, and adopting alternative medicine over institutionalized medicine.

Prescription #1

  • “Take half a teaspoon of cinnamon everyday. It lowers the level of blood sugar in the body of diabetic patients.”
  • Pelargonium and Kaloba herbal medicines are very effective in curing the flu. (Both are antiviral and antibacterial apart from antibiotics.)
  • Niacin (B3), a B vitamin, helps increase beneficial HDL cholesterol and reduce harmful LDL.”
  • (Dr. Dixon OBE, Chairman of the NHS Alliance and President of the UK College of Medicine.)

Prescription #2

  • Five plants for asthma: Leaves of basil and basak, roots of liquorice or licorice, dry roots of kantakari and bark of cirrus.
  • The power of ginger: From nausea to stomach upsets and from cold-cough to air sickness, it is a panacea.
  • Brahmi for the brain: Effective for the treatment of amnesia. Also useful for general fitness.

(Dr. Roy Chowdhury is the National Professor of Pharmacology at the National Academy of Medical Sciences and is also an advisor to WHO and the Government of Delhi.)

Cold Water Treatment

Dr. Vijay Kakkar is a Vascular Surgeon and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

He suffered from asthma for 15 years, and went on to convince the world that bathing in cold water helps produce immune cells. 

In only a week of bathing in cold water everyday, his asthma completely went away.

The way it works is, “During and after bathing with cold water, the body tries to warm itself, which increases the metabolic rate and makes the immune system work faster. More white blood cells start forming in the blood, which play a very important role in combating germs.”


What has been effective for generations, especially in countries rich in cultural tradition such as India, had been stripped and forgotten with the reign of the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Expensive, yet ineffective treatments being prescribed to millions of people worldwide, to “combat” chronic pain and illness. 

All the while the roots of illness come from the simple, daily habits of a person. From the foods consumed, to exercise and even lack of meditative practices. 

People have been taught to look towards expensive, ineffective conventional medication when a health problem arises.

In reality, the solution is equally found in the daily routine, as well as natural remedies. Which, when spread throughout the modern world, would cause miracles in health and wellness.

Effectively ending the tyranny of Big Pharma. 

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