8 Proven Health Diet Supplements That Burn Belly Fat

If doing aerobic exercises, avoiding sugar sweetened drinks and eating soluble fiber haven’t helped; some of the best health diet supplements that burn belly fat you should try are green tea extracts, caffeine and Hydroxycut.

Some of the prescribed over the counter weight loss pills have very little effect on weight loss.

Conjugated linoleic acid is proven perfect example of a health diet supplement that burns belly fat; but only 0.2 pounds per week.

This shouldn’t discourage you because Orlistat (Alli) and Meratrim will help you loss over 11 pounds in 8 weeks.

Despite the numerous benefits of dietary supplements, health diet supplements for weight loss should be taken with great precaution.

Among the side effects you may experience include flatulence, loose stool, diarrhea and nausea.  

Understanding what causes belly fat is the first step towards losing belly fat fast.

Every health supplement contains unique ingredients.

How the ingredient reacts to the body should determine which health diet supplement to buy.

What Causes Belly Fat? 

How well do understand what is happening to your health?

Failure to uncover ones true soul path to a life of abundance health is the leading cause of belly fat. 

With this report you’ll know whether to take health diet supplements that reduce appetite, increase burning of fat or increase absorption of fat nutrients.

Belly fat or abdominal fat is sometimes easy to loose and other times hard to loose.

Here are the common causes of belly fat:

Lack of exercise

According to some reliable resources, physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle have direct links with increase in subcutaneous abdominal fat and visceral.

Spending over 8 hours a day playing video games, sitting on a work desk for long hours and watching TV for many hours renders your body inactive.

Trusted sources have shown sitting for more than 8 hours every day increased the risk of becoming obese by 62%. 

Sugary beverages

Sugary beverages and foods contain more calories than the body needs.

Sugar added beverages like soda, energy drinks and fruit juices have large amounts of calories.

Flavored yoghurts, muffins and protein bars are foods that cause belly fat if consumed regularly.

Using trans fats

There are two types of trans fats; artificial and naturally occurring trans fats.

The naturally occurring trans fats have no effect on the body as they are found in animal products like milk and meat. 

Artificial trans fats are harmful to the body and are a major cause of belly fat.

They are also known for increasing the risks of heart diseases, type 2- diabetes and cancer.


Majority of the alcoholic products contain high amounts of sugar and huge amounts of calories.

Even though alcoholic beverages like red wine helps lower risks of heart diseases, it’s harmful to your health is taken in large quantities.

If you get used to taking more alcohol than is recommended, is likely you’ll gain more body mass and increase your level of belly fat.

Poor diet

Poor diet in this case means replacing natural fruits with sugar sweetened drinks or taking too much of cakes, fast foods and foods cooked with trans fats.

Foods likely to lower nutrient absorption rate and reduce the ability to burn belly fat will increase your abdominal fat.

8 Best Health Diet Supplements That Burn Belly Fat

health diet supplements

This is the time to awaken your inner positive energy’s and take control of the mind and body.

Studies have shown weight loss supplements have side effects.

Consequently, the chances of selecting the best health diet supplements for burning belly fat will be high.

Your choice should rhyme with the causes of belly fat.

Below is a list of the best fat burning food supplements that actually work:

1. Glucomannan

Glucomannan is extracted from Konjac plant.

After absorbing water in the foods, a gel-like substance bases itself on the gut.

It’s also said to block the absorption of fats in food into the body.

This is the principle applied in fat burning supplements with dietary fibers. 

After taking this supplement, you’ll be feeling full for long hours and cravings for food will be low.

If you take glucomannan, do it either in powder form or a capsule as the tablet may cause choke either in the esophagus or throat.

2. Instant Knockout

Among the best ingredients in Instant Knockout are cayenne pepper and green tea extracts.

The ingredients in this pill increases the metabolism rate and reduces hunger pangs.

The green tea extracts  and cayenne pepper releases heat that dissipates energy to the body tissues thus raising metabolism rate. 

After this product proved to burn belly fat in athletes, it was endorsed to the public and is a recommendable supplement for burning belly fat.

 Other ingredients included in Instant Knockout are caffeine anhydrous, glucomannan, green coffee, zinc and vitamin B12.

3. Green Coffee Bean Extract

These are un roasted coffee beans and are cheaper compare to most of the other supplements. 

Green coffee beans contain two substances that are essential for reducing bod mass and burning belly fat; caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

After using this product studies have shown people lose about 5.4 pounds (2.5 kgs) compared to other dummy weight loss supplements.

As the caffeine increases burning of belly fat, the chlorogenic acid intensifies the metabolism rate of carbohydrates in the gut.

Authoritative sources have shown green coffee beans also help reduce body fat.

4. Trimtone  

Included in Trimtone are green tea, glucomannan, grains of paradise extract and green coffee.

These ingredients are meant to suppress your appetite and curb cravings.

This reduces the uptake of calories thus help lower the levels of belly fat.

Trimtone works by stimulating the body’s thermogenesis, boosting metabolism rate and converting fat into energy.

However, If you buy this product, don’t forget to take one pill every day before taking breakfast.

5. Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract contains caffeine and polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate which are both responsible for burning fat in the body through a process called thermogenesis. 

Studies have shown green tea extracts with caffeine have the potential to burn fat by a rate of 16% more compared to dummy supplements.

Other studies have proved  caffeine and green tea extracts to be more effective than caffeine alone.

Being natural extracts from plants, the side effects are very minimal.

6. Hoodia

The herbal tea market is now well represented by blends of hoodia herbal teas.

Hoodia is gotten from trees found in the Kalahari desert.

The stem of the root was traditionally used to reduce hunger and quench thirsty.  

By drinking hoodia herbal tea, you’ll reduce appetite and thus lower the amount of calories taken per day.

7. Soluble Fiber Supplement

Soluble fiber can be found in the foods we eat.

However, soluble fiber supplements are more effective as the fiber content is high. 

For the soluble fiber supplement to burn belly fat, the hunger hormones are reduced and the fullness hormones are increased.

Soluble fiber also absorbs water in the digestive track and forms a gel-like substance that decreases the absorption rate of calories.

7. Bitter Orange

If you aren’t used to eating the type of orange called Bitter Orange, you might want to be.

As it contains a compound known as synephrine that renowned for reducing appetite and thus help in burning belly fat.

The synephrine compound is addictive and should be taken with great precaution as the side effects can be serious to human health. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Belly Fat 

Due to the aggressive desires to eliminate belly fat, individuals do unimaginable things.

Many people just rush to buy food supplements or pills for burning belly fat without analyzing the cause of the belly fat.

So, When trying to burn your belly fat, here are the do’s and don’ts you should have in mind:


  1. Eat lots of leafy vegetables – Leafy vegetables contain dietary fibers, essential vitamins and healthy fats. Including veges like spinach, cucumber and mushroom are helpful in burning tummy fat.
  2. Do exercises – Whether you’ll do targeted exercises or take early morning walk around your compound, exercises are good at burning belly fat. But remember, running is the most effective exercise to those struggling to eliminate stubborn belly fat.
  3. Eat Salmon – Salmon fish is among the most nutritious foods. It contains antioxidants and minerals that will help you lose body weight and consequently reduce the level of tummy fat.
health diet supplements
  1. Eat high protein diet – High protein diets will help reduce cravings for fast foods and make you stay full for longer. Certain proteins are good at boosting metabolism rate and helping reduce body weight. If possible, include eggs, almonds, fish and lean meat in your diet.
  2. Consider thermogenic fat burners – Every fat burner works on a specific principle. Whereas fat blockers and appetite depressants are good, their side effects are harmful. Thermogenic fat burners work by producing more body heat that enhances the metabolic processes.


  1. Avoid sugar sweetened drinks – Most people consume sugar sweetened drinks almost daily, and at this point it should be common knowledge as to why that’s not a great idea. Instead, you can stick to water or buy sugar free drinks.
  2. Don’t rush for aggressively marketed fat burners – Some fat burners available in the market today were endorsed into the market by renowned athletes and boxers. Again, most of these fat burners don’t clearly share their side effects.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) body is a reputable site that you should visit when looking for health diet supplements that burn belly fat. 

Whereas there many authoritative website that market fat burners, it’s good to provoke your emotional intelligence by unblocking your Bioenergy Codes.

This will help analyze any food supplement that comes before you with a clear and concise mind. 

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