5 Easy-To-Use Lightwork Healing Techniques That Work

lightwork healing techniques

Practicing lightwork healing techniques like Reiki healing, crystal healing and pranic healing has proven to help cure mental illnesses and heart diseases.

Lightwork healing is an alternative treatment method, that makes you tap into your body’s healing energy’s.

Visiting a lightwork healer is good as it will guide you to trigger the body’s healing system without much hustle.

However, practicing self-healing lightwork exercises such as Tai chi and qi gong on your own offers more benefits because it’s possible to maintain the healing energy’s awake.

Today, modern science has accepted the power of natural healing therapy without touching and the power to heal others through alternative therapies.

Energy medicine is used by authoritative sources to describe lightwork energy healing.

The unprecedented increase in energy healing exercises can be attributed to this acknowledgement.

As controversial as the topic may be, it’s clearly possible to cure illnesses by balancing, stimulating and realigning body energy.

Theory Behind Lightwork Healing

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Lightwork healing was made public in the 1980s and gained more popularity in 1997 after Doreen Virtue published her book titled The Lightworkers Way

Our bodies are proven to have electromagnetic energy which is only noticeable when an electrode is inserted through the skin into the muscles.

During Electromyography (EMG) tests, the current flow is measured before it reaches the muscles.

The energy centers that releases the energy are sometimes blocked by negative energy. 

The theories behind lightwork healing revolve around energy centers and intuition.

Once you’ve thoroughly analyzed the soul path, lightwork healers may require you to go into a deeper connection with your inner healing energy.

As interactive medicine, energy healers believe in the patient’s inner knowledge of the root cause of their illness.

A more recent theory behind lightwork energy healing revolves around our body’s ability to radiate energy.

Therapists use this theory to help people trigger the energy light direct from the DNA.  

5 Lightwork Healing Techniques That Work

Do you really understand what has been causing your illnesses?

Just like any other human being, you may have gone through painful experiences, past challenges or traumatic events.

Such sad occurrences block the body’s energy. 

To dissolve the negative energy and reconnect to your life, you need to start practicing either one or combine several lightwork healing exercises.

Such as:

Lightwork healing techniques

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Crystal Healing

To improve your physical wellbeing and mental health, you can use stones like gemstones and crystals to draw out the negative energies and stabilize the changing body patterns. 

This energy healing technique helps bring harmony to the energy fields in our bodies. 

Besides using crystals to promote mental health, they are also believed to enhance focus, immunity, relieve pain and increase feelings of positivity.

You can place crystal stones under your pillow or place them on your body and align them with your seven-point chakras.

Wearing them is also another alternative.

This healing technique dates back to 6,000 years ago and has been used more by celebrities.

Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr and Naomi Campbell are among the celebrities that believe in the energy healing power of crystals.

Reconnective healing

lightwork healing techniques

Reconnective healing entails the use of information, light and energy to cure ailments, chronic diseases and intensify body energy.

Even though reconnective healing has scientific prove, its efficacy has no scientific evidence. 

Dr Eric Pearl has been cited in many international publications for his reconnective healing technique.

Reconnective healing method is a non-tough energy healing that involves placing hands above the patient’s body to the body’s energetic frequencies.

According to Dr Eric Pearl, most of his clients experience tingling sensations, warmth or intense feeling of relaxation.

The experiences may be felt immediately after the session starts or after several sessions.


To dissolve the negative energy’s that are stress-related, you can start practicing Reiki at your home.

For this therapy modality to have a meaningful effect, it’s good to combine it with traditional medicine. 

This form of therapy involves placing the palms lightly on various parts of the body to redistribute body energy.

You can use this self-healing technique to cure your illnesses or heal others if your intuition is elevated enough to connect with Spiritual Beings or goddesses.

Reiki practitioners have the power to cure ailments such as flu, stomach aches, heart diseases and headaches.

Pranic Healing

Pranic is a natural healing technique that uses life forces “Prana” to cure illnesses. 

It’s among the simplest energy healing technique.

It’s the pranic forces that differentiate the living from the dead.

Our thoughts and feelings are energy’s and can be measured.

One’s ability to transform them determines his/her pranic healing power.

This technique is anchored on two principles: the innate ability to self-healing (self-recovery) and our inner ability to accelerate the healing process (principle of life force).

Pranic healing aims at correcting energy imbalances and transferring life forces to the body.

This act accelerates the body’s ability to heal.

Once you’ve accelerated the innate healing abilities, it’s possible to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, promote inner peace and improve health.

As an alternative medicine treatment, its process entails scanning the aura to determine the affected chakras, removing the energy abnormalities and realigning the chakras and re-energizing with life forces.

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing or quantum theory involves harnessing the healing energy to help the body heal from within.

This form of therapy combines mind-body medicine with meditation, western medicine and quantum physics to shift energy centers and heal your spiritual, mental and body illnesses.

Using the principle of resonance and entertainment, the body’s energy levels are elevated through visualization and breathing. 

Simple Lightwork Healing Exercises You Can Practice at Home 

Do you know it’s possible to heal yourself by practicing lightwork healing exercises?

Numerous self-healing lightwork exercises can be practiced at home at any time of the day.

Lightwork healing exercises such as self-tapping, Tai Chi and reflexology benefits the body in many ways.

Relieving pain, calming the nervous system and promoting weight loss are some benefits of practising lightwork self-healing techniques.

The most common self-healing exercises include:

Qi gong

Qi gong is a natural healing method that entails performing gentle and slow exercises.

The guiding principle when practicing Qi gong is constant coordination between the body movements and the eyes.

This ancient Asian yoga exercise is practiced while standing or seated.

There are different types of Qi gong practice.

The common ones are Wei gong, Shen gong, Nei gong and Qigong.

To determine the most effective exercise, first, understand your health challenges and do more research on how to practice every type of Qi gong.


We are all aware of the body’s acupressure points.

Tapping gently every acupressure point seven points can help subdue chronic pain, reduce stress and relax your brain and body. 

As you focus on the stressful thoughts destabilizing energy centers, tap every acupressure point at least seven times.

These points include under the arm, on the collarbone, under the nose, sides of your hands, under the eye, on the chin, top of the head and on the eyebrow.

Tai Chi

This self-healing exercise entails soft, gentle, slow movements, consistent breathing patterns and mindfulness.

The concept of practicing Tai chi today is quite different from ancient times. 

You can comfortably practise Tai chi at home alone or in groups provided you master the exercises movement art.

Since you don’t require expensive material to start practicing at home, learn its basics from the YouTube video above.

Practicing Tai Chi will help improve your mood, relieve anxiety, depression, boost your cognitive functioning and improve physical fitness.


The same way you tune your mind when looking at the drawing should apply when practicing lightwork healing techniques.

The state of mental, body and spiritual connection you require to understand your biggest health challenge, is only achieved after combining mindfulness with self-healing practices.

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